SonaSafe®, New Zealand and Australia’s most advanced proximity warning system, uses leading sonar technology to increase the safety of you, your business, your valuable staff and expensive machinery or vehicles. Reliable technology developed by experts, SonaSafe® proximity warning systems reduce risk, reduce near misses and gives you and your employees greater confidence at work.

Workplace safety improvement solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. Our proximity warning specialists assess your workplace, design a SonaSafe® solution for your set up and help you put in place the health and safety processes, systems and follow up to make your workplace safer.


Keeping your people safer. Easy to use and technologically advanced, the SonaSafe® proximity warning system is a compact machine operator awareness solution that’s worn by crew and fitted to vehicles, such as forklifts. SonaSafe® technology works hard to identify the presence of people and other vehicles in the area, alerting crew using a loud human voice.

Made up of several computerised units that work seamlessly together SonaSafe® keeps pedestrians safer, alert and aware of moving vehicles and machines in complex workplace environments. An essential part of the system, the SonaSafe® Dashboard collects health and safety information from machines, tracking incidents and collating data for use as a handy human resources tool to improve workplace health and safety.


Let’s make your workplace safer. From first contact, we’re focused on your specific industry safety goals. We individualise the SonaSafe® proximity warning system to your business needs, the way your staff work and the processes and health and safety routines you already have in place. We listen to your challenges, design a customised SonaSafe® solution, install the software and units, train your staff and follow up as part of our comprehensive service plan. Find out more about how we work.


SonaSafe® products reduce the risk of vehicle, asset and pedestrian collisions in complex workplace environments. Innovative sonar technology and reliable implementation ensure you get efficient workplace proximity warning systems that alert 24 hours a day. Forklift warnings, pedestrian awareness, door warnings, crane and other moving machinery, collision reduction – we’re experts in developing tailored safety management plans and solutions to make your company a safer, more healthy place to work. Find out why SonaSafe® is right for you.


Are you managing health and safety at work? We’ll save you time, money and energy by identifying and assessing your work environment for risk and consulting you on how SonaSafe® proximity warning systems can eliminate and minimise those risks. Plus, we get you up to speed on the SonaSafe® Dashboard, an innovative traffic management tool for collecting health and safety information, tracking incidents and reviewing continuous improvement. Discover how SonaSafe® helps you manage your health and safety more efficiently.


SonaSafe® is adaptable. Used across a number of industry sectors (construction, mining, logging, roading, warehouse, ports and more) that mobilise a wide range and number of mobile plant, SonaSafe® helps you manage the space where personnel, vehicles (often forklifts), moving equipment and restricted areas cross paths. Read how SonaSafe® solutions helped improve workplace safety for New Zealand companies.



SonaSafe® Proximity Warning Systems are available to purchase or lease and are backed by comprehensive support services. Our range of reporting tools and notification alerts assist with behavioural change towards a safer workplace.

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